Cielo Coffee Table

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Cielo features a solid construction and expert craftsmanship, this table is built to last, providing you with a reliable and durable piece of furniture that you can enjoy for years to come. The table comes in two thicknesses – 5cm and 8cm – allowing you to choose the perfect option for your individual needs and preferences.

Featuring two rectangular legs that are expertly crafted to provide both stability and style, this table is a true work of art. The legs perfectly complement the solid wood construction, creating a beautiful and harmonious display that is both functional and beautiful.

But the beauty of this table doesn't stop there. The four exquisite colors available – wood, amber, chocolate, and walnut – provide you with a wide range of options to choose from, allowing you to select the perfect color to match your individual style and decor. Please be sure to leave your choice of color in the notes within the cart page or email us here.

Whether you're looking for a sleek and modern look, or a more traditional aesthetic, this table has you covered. The wood finish provides a timeless look that is both warm and inviting, while the amber and chocolate options create a rich and luxurious atmosphere. The walnut finish adds a touch of sophistication and refinement, making this table the perfect choice for any occasion.

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