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Thank you for visiting Mark's Lights, where you can find a multitude of high-quality home lighting provided at affordable prices. Mark's Lights is an international home lighting e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on home lighting. Mark's Lights mainly targets America, Europe, Australia, and Canada along with other consumer markets. We now business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world.

1. About us
Mark's Lights is a leading China-based online store that offers lighting. Mark's Lights as one of our most popular home improvement website, have quality suppliers from more than 100 regions in China. We aim at providing an Extremely design atmosphere and quality items at low prices. We have supported thousands of home improvement experts and designers. Our customers enjoy our design. Moreover, we offer worldwide shipping and generous return policy. 

2. Our Guarantee
Our mission is to help global customers enjoy the magic of shopping on Mark's Lights, enjoy the feeling of buying high-quality home lighting and we promise to do all we can to find exactly what you are looking for. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying shopping experience, and we will do our best to do this.

  • Highest quality products
  • Reasonable Return & Exchange Policies
  • Global warehouses Near delivery
  • Knowledgeable Product Support and 24/7 Customer Support

3. Approaching Mark's Lights
High-Quality Selection
Mark's Lights as a strategic brand product of the renowned Chinese cross-border enterprise Baycheer, With strong supply chain resource integration capabilities, we can select high-quality partner among a wide range of suppliers. CE and UL certification are the basis for supplier selection. We strictly follow the five steps of CITST quality control during production, that is, to inspect suppliers, inspect production, test sample quality, spot check products, track after-sales, and ensure that all products meet consistent quality standards and user requirements.

Global Warehouse
MBL has 10+ overseas warehouses covering all regions of the world, mainly distributed in the United States, Europe, Canada, this network allows you to order locally and receive your items lighting fast. Currently, we plan to open more global warehouses.

Worry-Free Purchase
a. 14 Days DOA product guarantee
c. 60 Days Quality guarantee
d. 24/7 Customer Service